Plants vs. Zombies Television

Premiere Date

August 15th, 2013

Opening Theme

"Zombies On The Lawn" (remix) by Laura Shigihara


Neil Patrick Harris
Laura Shigihara
Noah Crawford
Noah Munck
Fred Newman
Jim Carrey
Allan Fisher
Nancy Cartwright

Number Of Episodes


Running Time

22 minutes


PopCap Animation, Warner Bros, Rytech Incorporated


Cartoon Network

Created By

Allan Fisher

Companies Involved

PopCap, Cartoon Network, Rytech Incorporated, Stark Industries

Plants vs. Zombies is a new TV series based on the game Plants vs. Zombies. A preview was aired on July 15th, entitled "The Preview", one month before the show officially aired. Also, Chomper and other plants' photos may look like they are in the animation style of the original game, but in the series they are designed like in PvZ 2.

Main Plot

The series follows the adventures of the Plants, who make a living defending their home from the zombies. It has many characters, including some from Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Main Cast

The series features an ensemble cast, including Neil Patrick Harris, Noah Munck, and Fred Newman. Laura Shigihara will respire her role as Sunflower from the "Zombies On The Lawn" music video.

Neil Patrick Harris (2013-2015, 2016-)/Allan Fisher (2015) as Peashooter (2013-2015, 2015-)/Cyber-Pea (2015) - one of the 9 main characters in the series, Peashooter is also the leader. He enjoys reading comics and playing Plants vs. Zombies. In Season 3, Episode 10, he turns into Cyber-Pea. But in Season 4, Episode 8, he becomes regular Peashooter again.

Laura Shigihara as Sunflower - a main character, Sunflower is considered the plant equivalent of the Christian (and also non-existent) God, so to speak. She loves making sun for her fellow plants. In Season 1, Episode 2, Sunflower in Love, it is revealed that she has a crush on Wall-nut.

Fred Newman as Crazy Dave - the owner of the plants, Cray Dave provides them with food, water, and other plants for them to hang out with. He cannot speak properly and so subtitles appear whenever he "talks".

Fred Newman as The Zombies - the main antagonists of the series, the Zombies are have many varieties. These include Conehead Zombie, Flag Zombie, and Disco Zombie (who in the Thriller parody is voiced by Michael Jackson II).

Noah Crawford as Cherry Bomb - angry, dumb, and sometimes homicidal, Cherry Bomb is the only explodonatin' plant in existence. He is smart in only one field: the study of nuclear weapons.

Noah Munck as Wall-nut - the "not-so-human shield" of the Plants, Wall-nut is often teased by Cherry Bomb for being a worrywart. Sunflower has a crush on him.

Jim Carrey as Potato Mine: the nemesis of Cherry Bomb, Potato Mine is also the exact opposite of Cherry Bomb. He is smart, kind, and knows nothing about nuclear weapons.

Allan Fisher as Citron

Nancy Cartwright as Heavenly Peach